Veterans Greg Archer and Josh Kuehl recognized the healing potential in photography after seeing its value in their own lives. Focusing their passion to create images of Veterans that mattered and desire to provide photography education, Greg and Josh founded Task Force: ISO in 2016.

From the beginning, our work encompassed two programs: SUPPORT: teaching photography as a therapeutic tool and IMAGING: creating positive imagery of veterans and showcasing their resilience. Through a partnership with the University of Denver’s Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology, part of the Department of Professional Psychology, we developed therapeutic metaphors that coincide with the technical photography training.

Today, while there are many veterans’ organizations working in the creative arts, Task Force: ISO is the only organization in the US that uses education and photography to foster Veteran engagement and community. Through our event photography program, we support more than 20 nonprofit organizations across the United States with professional imagery. Task Force: ISO has professional photographer volunteers in 12 states and through virtual classes can serve Veterans across all 50 states. Each year our network grows, as does our outreach and impact.

See examples of our work here.

See our 2020 Annual Report here.

We value…

  • Personal Growth through the fun of photography
  • Positive Images of Veterans
  • Building strong relationships and community with Veterans
  • Being real and open


To empower veterans to see the world through a different lens using positive imagery and the art of photography.


To inspire a global community of veterans to share how they see themselves, the world and one another.

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Task Force: ISO engages and inspires Veterans through photography. Veterans gain purpose through activity and self-discovery and build community through continued mentorship and support.