Photography Training

Task Force: ISO trains Veterans, their spouses and caregivers in the art and skills of photography. Our eight-week Support course enables you to:

  • Take the best photos of your life
  • Spend time with other Veterans learning new skills
  • Focus on a fresh perspective for your life, your family and your friends
  • Find healthy ways to cope with stress
  • Join a community of Veterans helping other Veterans
  • Have fun!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, Task Force: ISO’s photography training classes support your needs for life balance, purpose and community. Together, we’ll build communication skills, gain insights and engage with other Veterans.

Check out our schedule for virtual and in-person classes held in Denver, Colorado Springs or Fort Collins.  These classes are taught by Veterans and professional photographers. Classes are free for Veterans, their spouses and caregivers.

Apply for the Denver Course in partnership with the VA starting August 8th.

Meet Our Photography Instructors

Refocusing Veteran lives through the art of photography.

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Task Force: ISO engages and inspires Veterans through photography. Veterans gain purpose through activity and self-discovery and build community through continued mentorship and support.